Devon rex cats for sale california

Kayla & Nelly

Purchasing a cat from someone you've never met can be unsettling and dangerous. I live in Ohio, and I adopted Nelly, a stunning cat, from Devon Rex Cattery in December. Despite the fact that we were thousands of miles apart, Kim put me at ease and gave me confidence in my purchase. She is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to finding a high-quality kitten. My Nelly is a lovely young woman who is kind, smart, social, and attractive! Do not be afraid to pass through DevonRex Cattery. I can assure you that she is exactly what she says she is, despite all the con artists out there. Also I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE! And finally I sincerely appreciate it.

Julietta Karmine

My wife and I are fatally allergic to both cats and dogs. When we first learned about Devon Rex ten years ago, we purchased one kitten from the cattery. Eight years later, we purchased another kitten, and most recently, three months ago, we purchased yet another kitten. We can still have a mild reaction if we pet them and then rub our eyes. almost undetectable Having them in our lives is really beneficial.

Everest Milla

We are ecstatic about our kitten and the entire DEVON REX CATTERY experience. You can plainly see the love, care, and socialization that went into our baby's existence from birth until he came to us. He is bold and gregarious around everyone! For any additional members of our family in the future, I would without a doubt go back to this breeder. We're amazed and thankful. If you're looking for devon rex kittens for sale, you've come to the right place.

Rachel Ked

Due to a bad encounter I had with another breeder, a 15-week-old kitten passed away. When I asked Kirstin Wright for advice on a new breeder, she suggested devon rex cattery. I'm glad she did because the entire experience was fantastic for me. My kitten Logan is a complete joy, and I couldn't be happier with him! He embodies everything a kitten ought to be.

Rachael Fionna

We selected a cat from the Devorex Cattery to be a stud for our program due to their excellent temperament, health, and quality. We weren’t at all dissatisfied. From the moment we picked him up from the airport, he was friendly, loving, healthy, and energetic. The kittens from the devorex cattery go through all the required health examinations and receive the best possible socialization. We are ecstatic about our little ZUKO. Dealing with Kim was an absolute pleasure. They are very well-recommended.