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Devon Rex Kittens for sale

The harsh guard hairs that are typical of the majority of cat coats are absent from a "rexed" coat, which is soft and fine. The cat's body is completely covered in fur, with the back, sides, tail, legs, face, and ears having the thickest coats. While some Devons have loose, shaggy curls, others have thinner coats that resemble suede. The cat should never have any bare patches, even though the hair on the top of its head, neck, chest, and abdomen is slightly less dense and may even appear downy. Unless the cat has been sneaking too many snacks, a Devon's medium-sized body is deceptively lean.

With a gentle hand motion, you can create rippled waves on the coat. It is available in every color, pattern, and combination of colors and patterns that is genetically possible, including solid white, black, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, and red; smoke patterns, which have a white undercoat that is strongly tipped with a particular color; and various calico, tabby, tortoiseshell, and pointed patterns. It should be hard and muscular to touch. Long and slender legs are support by tiny, oval paws. The end of a long, fine tail that is cover in short fur tapers. Devon has a 9–15 year life expectancy.

The Devon is frequently compare to an elf due to its prominent ears, high cheekbones, and eye-catching eyes. Their soft, wavy fur, however, stands out as their most distinctive feature. Their rounded head, which has convex curves forming the outer edges of the ear lobes, cheekbones, and whisker pads, is the starting point for their curved body. The Devon has strikingly large ears that are position low on the head and large, wide-set, oval-shaped eyes. The tips of the ears can occasionally be tuft with soft fur.

The Devon Rex prefers to rest on their favorite person's shoulder, right at head height. They actively participate in everything that is going on and won't miss out on any enjoyable activities. They are moderately active cats who are very intelligent. For households with young children and canines who get along with cats, the energetic and sociable Devon Rex is ideal. They are just as good at fetch as any retrievers, are quick to pick up new tricks. And adore the attention from young people who treat him with respect. Introduce pets gradually and under controlled conditions to ensure their safety and friendliness.

To ensure that the food you have prepared for them is for them alone, the Devon Rex will attempt to eat at the family dining room table when everyone else is present. They enjoy eating, and if their diet is not carefully monitor, they may put on a few extra pounds. They enjoy being warm, so they will curl up with anything cozy and comfortable to sleep. But they prefer to sleep under the covers. Choose a Devon Rex if you want a mischievous, agile cat to hang out with and if you won’t be alarmed if you catch a glimpse of him planning his path to your shoulder from the top of a door. Contact us  Devon Rex Kittens for sale 

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